1 Nanobot — Botting Service

What do we offer?

  • You don't need to have a Bot license.

  • You don't need to spend time or Electric power, Taking the risk of damaging your computer.

  • When the bot is off we compensate the lost time.

  • You can select bot behaviour (formations,map,ship,ammo,pet gear)or can let us decide the best settings for your ship.

  • Account safety and limitations

  • Total confidence that the access data to your account is totally safe. We will always treat your data with absolute delicacy but in this case we're not responsible for any damages caused to your gaming account.

  • The amount of resources your account gets depends on: equipment, ammunition, drone formations, server and its status, and some external factors. We cannot assure you of a specific amount but we can assure you that our service is always worth it.

  • If at any time you decide to pause the service and play manually the service time is going on and no compensation will be applied for that, Only in periods of update of our software you'll have a compensation for the down time.

  • If you purchase a package and you do not want to use all the service time, it is fine, but you cannot get a partial or full refund for the remaining time, it is your responsibility and your decision not to use the remaining service time.

  • I already bought the service, what do I do now?

  • We will send you an email asking for details of the service

  • After you send the needed data we will confirm you via email when we start the service

  • You will receive notifications via email of the current status of your account and stats every 2 days.

  • Palladium botting (NEW)

  • GG Botting (ABG, Epsilon, Zeta, Kappa, Lambda, Kronos)

  • Boxing and NPC (BL and pirates maps not supported yet)

  • Service Pricing
    Packet A - 1 Account -> Botting (7 Days/12h) €5.00
    Packet C - 1 Account --> GG Weekend (45h) €7.00
    Packet D - 1 Account --> GG All Week (80h) €12.00

    ¡Para Mexico!

    Deposito bancario

    oxxo banamex
  • Envia un mensaje al correo soportenanobot@hotmail.com mencionando que quieres contratar el servicio desde México
  • En breve te respondera un miembro del equipo y te dara las indicaciones para el deposito
  • Conserva tu ticket y el numero de autorizacion
  • Envia tu numero de autorizacion y el miembro del equipo te dara indicaciones para iniciar el servicio de bot
  • El tiempo del servicio iniciara una vez que la cuenta se ponga en funcion
  • Servicio Precio
    Paquete A x1 Cuenta -> Bot (7 Días/12h) $110.00 MXN.
    Paquete C x1 Cuenta -> GG Fin de semana (45h) $150.00 MXN.
    Paquete D x1 Cuenta -> GG Semana completa (80h) $250.00 MXN.