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The program guarantees that it can be used without problems only if you have the follow requirements.

• IE with Flash Player installed
• Windows 10 (64 bits)
• OpenGL3 support

  • You can move your license to other computer 1 time every 15 days
  • The program works only if the game servers are connected or running, if this game shuts down its servers the program will not longer work
  • We are not responsible for changes made permanently by the game such as closing servers or closing their services that make the program no longer work , you can't ask for a refund if the game servers stop working or if Bigpoint decide to close their game services
  • Refund polices:

    1.0 You cannot get refound for Botting services.

    1.1 In licensed-software services: You can get a refund with a maximum term of 24 hours from the purchase. Please do not open a dispute, send us an email first to:

    License cancelation:

    We can suspend or delete your license if you violate these agreements:

  • Sell your License with third parties or all kinds of lucrative profit
  • The user is accepting these serious responsibilities by accessing to , using our services or downloading our software.

  • Resellers

    Nanobot developer and 3th parts does not have responsability of Nanobot Resellers actions or bad /strong behavior with the costumers , you can report their behavior to