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  • NPC Killer (Normal,Boss,Uber,Pirates,BlackLight)
  • Galaxy Gates Support (ABG, Epsilon, Zeta, Kappa, Lambda, Kronos)
  • PET Support (Guard Mode, Resource collector, Auto looter , Kamikaze)
  • Collects Normal boxes
  • Collects Special boxes
  • Collects Palladium
  • Collects Bootys (Green,Gold,Red,Blue,Obsidian,Masque)
  • Collects Craft resources (Scrap, Mocosum, Prismatium etc..)
  • Sells Palladium
  • Configuration & drone formation settings
  • Automatic drone repair
  • Use of abilities when fleeing from enemies
  • Works in the background

  • Auto-Lock: Targets enemy Enemy's PET, Ships and Npc
  • Auto-PIB: Infects other ships automatically
  • Anti-Cloak: Makes visible other ships
  • RSB-75 Changer: Uses RSB-75 Ammo with other specific ammo munition
  • Anti-EMP: Targets the same enemy after EMP
  • Key Control: it will press a specific key when the ship is under attacks

  • Follow and protects the group leader
  • Attacks same target than leader
  • Gates mode (QZ, Hades, LoW)
  • Use same formation as leader

  • System: 4 RAM
  • System: Windows 10 (64-bit only)

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  • En breve te respondera un miembro del equipo y te dara las indicaciones para el deposito
  • Conserva tu ticket y el numero de autorizacion
  • Envia tu numero de autorizacion y id de licencia escritos
  • Despues de esto se confirmará cuando tu licencia haya sido activada.
  • Duracion Precio
    10 Días $65.00 MXN
    1 Mes $140.00 MXN
    2 Meses $200.00 MXN
    3 Meses $300.00 MXN
    5 Meses $400.00 MXN
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