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  • NPC Killer
  • Bonus box Collector
  • Palladium Collector
  • Botty Collector
  • Crafting resources Collector
  • PET Support (Guard Mode, Resource collector, Auto looter , Kamikaze)
  • Galaxy Gates Support (ABG, Epsilon, Zeta, Kappa, Lambda, Kronos , LoW)
  • Pirate maps
  • Palladium seller
  • Automatic reconnect
  • Configurable Map-grid
  • Stop after x deaths
  • Human behaviour
  • Config and drone formation settings
  • Automatic drone repair
  • Automatic GG Spinner
  • Use of abilities when fleeing from enemies
  • Works in the background
  • Advanced statistics

  • System Requirements

  • System: Your PC must be decent to play the game smoothly
  • System: Windows 7 and above (32-bit) (64-bit)
  • System: Size of text or apps must be 100% (Settings > System > Display) Example
  • System: OpenGL3 Support

  • Game Requirements

  • inGame: 2D Version
  • inGame: Auto-Start Enabled
  • inGame: Disable start attacks with double click
  • inGame: Enable: Start and stop attacks using the shortcut bar

  • Compra desde Mexico - Deposito bancario

  • Ingresa a nuestra pagina de facebook
  • Envia un mensaje diciendo que quieres comprar desde mexico
  • En breve te respondera un miembro del equipo y te dara las indicaciones para el deposito
  • Conserva tu ticket y el numero de autorizacion
  • Envia tu numero de autorizacion y hwid
  • Despues de esto se confirmara cuando haya sido activada.

  • Duracion Precio
    10 dias $65.00 MXN
    1 Mes $140.00 MXN
    2 Mes $200.00 MXN

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Nanobot?

    Nanobot is a program created for Windows OS wich emulates human behavior this means it acts like a human and uses a function that emulates perfectly a real mouse

    You will not need to wait hours for a new client update because we use an advanced recognition image system

    The license is activated INSTANTLY! if not you can send an e-mail to , Don't forget to write your hwid and transaccion id

    The HWID is a code that nanobot uses as PC Id , Copy and paste (don't copy spaces) and paste in the payment field