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What do we do?


Pirate maps

Nanobot now kills pirates in 5-1 5-2 maps.

RAM Usage

Nanobot includes a RAM Control that allows to control RAM Usage.

Always online

Don't worry about long downtimes ; this bot is always online

Better Galaxy gates bot

Nanobot will build and pass the most common gates

Nanobot Features


NPC Killer

You'll kill npc in safe mode , Many pixelbots can kill pet of your same company and collect negative honor, Nanobot "Now" avoids this.

Create Tech factory objects

This is very useful when you don't have time to create new items


Bonus boxes , Event Boxes , Craft resources , Green Booty , Gold Booty

Galaxy gates

Nanobot will:
Build the gate > Pass the gate > Repeat and will not have to use your hands

Compra desde mexico

OXXO o Banamex

Obten el numero de cuenta

1- Ve a la pagina de facebook y pide el numero al cual depositar.


2- Deposita el monto indicado en una tienda OXXO o un banco banamex.

Envia tus datos

3- Envia un mensaje por facebook con tu hwid escrito y tu Numero de autorizacion.


4- Espera algunas horas , usualmente entre 2 y 3 tu licencia sera activada

Duracion Precio
10 dias $65.00 MXN
1 Mes $140.00 MXN
3 Meses $270.00 MXN
6 Meses $440.00 MXN

Multi PC License



3 Months
  • 2 Computers
  • 90 Days for each computer
  • HWID


    6 Months
  • 2 Computers
  • 180 Days for each computer
  • HWID
  • This type of license does not activate immediately, it takes approximately 10 hours
  • Copy in the hwid field using comma as separator.
  • These licenses are multiple sessions, you can run the bot on different computers at the same time.
  • You can not make a single license in a single purchase of multi session license.
  • In case of making a multi-session license purchase with a repeated hwid code; the rest of the days will be added to one of the licenses you purchased.
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    CatUnk [GH]


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    Frequently Ask Questions

    What is nanobot?

    Nanobot is a program created for windows, this is a bot that emulates human behavior in some games this means it acts like a human and uses a function that emulates perfectly a real mouse but you can use your pc while the application is on use

    INSTANTLY! if not you can send a e-mail to , Don't forget to write your hwid and transaccion id

    Basicaly is nanobot code >> Just Download , Open Nanobot and copy the whole show code and paste in hwid field in payment area


    Buy Nanobot with Paysafecard

  • Send an email to:
  • He will give you all information about prices
  • When you select your license period send the PSC code to him.
  • Verification takes up to 24 hours , be patient and wait your activation.